The Modern Faxing Ways For Techies


Technology, the mere utterance of this word, eases and transforms your thought processes and practices. What was once considered, far-fetched and otherworldly, is now, proven plausible, only by the birth of this tremendous technology.  Never would have the people from 70’s dreamt of the possible accouchement of a machine-mate called computer or a handy-amigo called smart phone, which would replace the ‘star performers’ of their realm. True that, it is impossible to keep track of the processes and products, replaced or mutated by these progeny of technology. This Alpha Generation hardly knows about the then existence of ‘preeminent’ devices like calculators, pagers, typewriters, tape recorders, video players and Walkman etc. The list is certain to extend with the steady additions of devices like Fax machines, landline phones, dial-up modems, and alarm clocks which are breathing their last.

While the perspective about their end is a subjective topic, not to deny their obsolescence to compete with the slick, modern technology and the ever-growing, people’s demands. But, do you think, technology has really obliterated these devices? No, not really! On the other hand, technology has really revived them into more trendy and acceptable forms. Calculators, tape recorders, video players, Fax machines, alarm clocks have found their, respective, creative places in smartphones and computers in the form of apps or software. Landline phones have mutated to smart phones or wireless phones, dial-up-modems to Wi-Fi modems and so on. Thus, they have reincarnated to embrace the modern thoughts of the modern world. Let’s read about one such important renovation that has bestowed with its unique set of merits and demerits for the humankind. Excited to know what is it? Sure, why not? Let’s move forward!

Fax – what is it?

Yes, we are here to know about facsimile, its birth and rebirth in this modern technological world. Fax or facsimile, is a way of transferring information in the hard copy format, where, the text or image, are image-copied or scanned-in, to electronically transfer them through a telecommunication medium aka landline phone.
The devices involved to enable the entire process are,

Sender Fax machine

Dedicated Telephone line

Receiver fax machine


Brief Working

The working is pretty simple and straightforward.

The sending fax machine, works like a scanner to scan the image or text in black and white formats, which are similar to the 0’s and 1’s of binary language. These black and white formats are converted into tele-communicating signals and are hence, welcomed happily by the telephone, which transfers them to the receiving fax machine. The receiving fax machine interprets these signals and reproduces the image or text that is printed by the printer, attached to the receiving fax machine.|

Why Fax Machine is annoying?

The above working is so simple, isn’t it? Then, what are the difficulties encountered, to discard the ‘once’ ubiquitous, proud machine? Well, one simple reason is its inability to cope-up with the modern technology or simply its obsolescence! Not only that, there are many other valid concerns, which annoy the modern world, a great deal.

Considerable loss of papers.

Requires a dedicated phone line to enjoy the uninterrupted service.

Slow medium of documents transfer, when compared to modern emails.

The information or the document received is not in great quality, due to its inability to distinguish the shades of gray.

Paper jams are quite frequent, causing lots of troubles and delays.

Modern ways of Faxing

Certainly, the pros, corroborates the need for considering the ‘Fax’ method of communication, but, not by using the Fax machine with its pathetic demerits. The technology, has once again, come to our rescue, by introducing the following, modern methods of faxing.

The Mobile Apps that fax

There are lots of cool mobile apps for faxing that are easier to stage the documents transfer, effectively. These apps only allow few free trials, post which you have to either opt for an annual subscription or pay per transfer, whichever that suits you and your faxing needs.
How do they work?
They are actually faxing on your behalf, by maintaining dedicated telephone number for your faxing needs. The advantages are, you can send and receive documents electronically, that is either PDFs or DOCs through e-mails. Just by downloading them and following their simple instructions for signing-up and documents transfer, you are free to concentrate on your other difficult works.


This faxing method is similar to the apps, expect that, instead of downloading apps, you are signing-up for an online faxing service, that either allows you to e-mail them your documents or drop it in their secured cloud-based servers. Again, these are not entirely free and demand, reasonable subscription charges to meet the cost for maintaining a dedicated phone line and faxing.

Applications that fax

There are certain faxing applications that come with your OS like Windows or MacOS, and require your system to be constantly connected to the landline and uses dial-up modem to enable the transfer for Faxing. Thus, these modern methods have replaced the need for using Fax machines in every establishment and have bestowed with the best means of Faxing services, satisfying all our needs.