Company Identity


Do you want to Fax your crucial documents, yet, no Fax machine or even, no idea of owning one? Is faxing without fuss and muss is your ultimate criteria? Welcome, Techies! You have assuredly landed in the right page of the right company, whose sole purpose is to technologically and efficiently, innovate your Faxing ways. All you need are your smart phone and our Fax app, to fax your documents, quickly and effortlessly. So simple, isn’t it? But, before we explain the how of our business, we are obliged and pleased to elucidate the why and what of our existence to our valuable customers.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to, innovate your fundamental device to accommodate our faxing process, thus, making it cost-effective for you and process-effective for us, as the difficulty of buying and exploring a new machine is, spared.

Our Mission

What good is a process that does not embrace the technology? Technology, the dear and cheer friend for all of us, is the only basis of our grandeur survival. We, at our company, innovate, every process and solutions technologically with uncompromising quality and results. Empowering human-kind with valuable and innovative technological solutions are our ultimate goal. All these are emphasized with no compromise on quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Our vision is to discover the 100% secured way of app-based faxing that is free from any potential threats due to hacking and viruses. Currently, our process is highly secured and encrypted; but we thrive to achieve the absolute, impenetrable security, no matter, however harmful, the threats are, in future.

Our Core Values

We are committed to technological innovations. We breathe technology and deliver mind-blowing innovations. Our innovations are aimed at simplifying the challenges of humankind by providing, quality, technological solutions. ‘Quality innovations with modern technology’ is our motto. When you think of innovations, you think of us!